General Information

Communicative English provides a broad assortment of writing courses. Working with the written word plays a role of central importance at Communicative English. We are a language services firm, providing both language training and copyediting services. The texts we edit are generally written by non-native English speakers. Our writing courses draw upon our expertise in editing, bringing this over into the domain of language training.

How It Works

Each participant works with a writing tutor who guides him or her through the course and provides personalized feedback. Writing courses are carried out through Communicative English Online, our online management platform. A writing course is made up of a given number of units, each of which consists of a writing exercise and the materials that accompany it: one or more on-line tutorials and e-quizzes (the supporting materials differ from unit to unit). It takes approximately one week to work through each unit. Therefore, one can expect a ten-unit course to take about two-and-a-half months to complete.

It is usual to include a number of online sessions with the course tutor. Many course participants combine work on their writing skills with a course in spoken English.


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