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Communicative English was set up as a language school in Belgium almost 20 years ago with the aim of providing high-quality language services, both teaching and editing. Coming from Britain and Canada, its original directors are still very much the driving force today. Over the years, they have garnered considerable experience, developed a great deal of learning material and striven to keep to their ethos of delivering reliable, honest and goal-orientated service with a smile.

Our strengths

Our staff are all highly qualified with a wealth of experience in teaching English as a foreign language to different age groups, levels and backgrounds. Over the years, we have given language training to a range of corporate clients as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, we have helped individuals from university professors to teenagers and young children whose parents want to give them a head start.


Courses Given




Clients past and present


The language services we provide

Courses in spoken English

We provide English courses for people from companies, private individuals, and students and children.

Courses in written English

These courses and workshops will help you improve your written English.


We have years of experience in editing books, research papers, journal articles, policy briefs and other documents.


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